Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two new paintings I did this Thanksgiving Weekend

The first one, continuing in my Ecstatic Off the Wall series of 22"X30" gouaches done vertically mounted outside on my shed door, was started out based on some colors in my bed (burgundy pillowcases and sheets, orange hand dyed sheet, chartreuse and light blue reversible blanket, and chartreuse bolster), the colors somewhat drifted while I was working on it.  

Sad to say it is raining cats and dogs today so I can't work outside.

In the last few, I am becoming aware that you can put really strong underpainting with gouache, as long as you have sufficient white to reopen areas; I did a an "emergency" run to pick up 5 tubes of white in preparation for this weekend.  I started out with washes and loose brushstrokes of cadmium red and hansa yellow, and two greens, and then mixed those "bedroom colors) to start with.  It ended up drifting into fall colors, dominated by orange, and a particular fall color mood:

two details:

And here's one I did yesterday:
This one I started out primarily with yellows and whites and worked from there.  For the white I mostly used a tiny bit of gamboge in the white, so it is a little creamy colored. The yellows and white were very lovely and frankly a little superficial and unformed.  I took a deep breath and put in some strokes of wet drippy cadmium red and ultramarine blue and blew it all to hell.  I certainly had something, but it was all off kilter.  There was a certain raw charm, but it didn't satisfy me.

Unless the rhythm flows though the painting endlessly, unifying it I am generally dissatisfied.

After several hours of working back in and making micro adjustments with cream white (the gamboge and white) I had it looking as you see it now with a fairly wide variety of somewhat gamuphing and very developed rhythms--leaving some of the sloppy paint peeking though to for a foil to them.

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