Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Experimental Painting

I am experimenting again with acrylic transfers.
First, I prepared the canvas, covered it with tar gel. adding a few accents.  I had some drawings on vellum tracing paper that I had used as preparatory sketches for a large (3'X6') drawing I had done.  I went over these with charcoal, and transferred the charcoal drawings to the acrylic and removed the paper.  In some places I just left the paper inside,  covered it with acrylic medium and sanded.

I allowed some chunks of charcoal to fall in and get crushed, as you can see in this detail.  By the way, crushing charcol into acrylic tar gel under pressure holds great, without fixative.

 I used newsprint to cover the tracing paper so I could apply pressure without tearing.  I allowed some newsprint to get transfered too.  

Periodically I am putting some medium on it and sanding it so that I can have an even surface to work on.  

I then took a flowered shirt and moved it as I scanned it to get interesting patterns and printed the scans.  I then placed gel on the canvas for the new images to adhere.  After they were somewhat dry I started to remove the paper again.

After removing the paper, the imprint of the scanned shirt remains.  
Here you can see a detail with the red of the shirt, some newsprint, the earlier charcoal layer, the crushed charcoal, and a few brush strokes of off white acrylic.  

After that, I painted and sanded, sealed, and painted several times.

I attended The Artist Everywhere Project and finished off the painting there.  Imagine!  A bunch of artists show up at a grocery store, set up their easels, and start painting!

Anyway, here's the finished state, more or less.
Oh don't get confused, I finally decided that this was the best orientation.

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  1. Accepted by Juried Show. Juror was Jeremy Morgan a professor of Painting at S.F. Art Institute.

    All-media Juried Exhibition
    March 24 – April 30, 2011
    Sebastopol Center for the Arts
    6780 Depot Street Sebastopol CA