Sunday, July 24, 2011

Some New Paintings: Edge of Chaos

When Joao de Brito looked at my work he said that he saw controlled chaos.

My latest series of paintings seems to be moving towards that chaos, and the challenge is trying to keep the ship afloat where the order is more implied than nailed down.  (My metaphors are drifting into chaos too, but that is another question.) I am a little confused by all of this, but I try to let the paintings lead, rather than worrying if they "lack my style", whatever that means.  I am letting the xerox transfer drive the direction of the painting.  When I remove the paper, it's like unwrapping a present, and I am led on another voyage of discovery (or maybe wild goose chase.)

By the way, I don't like to leave my paintings untitled., but some are so new I don't know what to make of them.

Fire Sermon II (it's very hard to see the flame like detail in this photo)
So here's some finished paintings, and some works in progress.

I was a Flower of the Mountain (originally intended as a third in the Fire Sermon series, it has its own ideas)


Broken Blossoms
It was almost impossible to photograph the painting above.  It contains twigs, petals and leaves and flecks of gold leaf.  There is xerox acrylic transfer over this texture!
Golden Girl
This was originally planned as two separate wholly 20" X 24" paintings, both dominated by gold and white.  I soon saw that they became a two panel painting, 48" high.  The way that the transfer works over and under the gold paint is very interesting.



Untitled but something to do with nature, I think.
This painting above originally was a failed horizontal landscape.  I repurposed the very complex texture in the green forms.

Some process photos:

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