Friday, July 1, 2011

Some Works in Progress

I was a flower of the mountain
This one was originally going to be another in the Fire Sermon Series.  But it needed to go in another direction.  As a joint project for our daughter who is going to collage, I did a Thangka drawing of the White Tara, which her mother is turning into a quilt.  Anyway, I had blown up the drawing to a bed-sized scale, and had an extra copy on hand.  So I had large scale outlines of Buddhist floral and cloud motifs and a Tara.  So I cut up some sections of these and used acrylic xerography transfer to place some forms over the electric red-orange.  But the painting went in a different direction, too vegetal to really be a burning or dissolving, so I went with it.

These two are slightly unfinished and use acrylic painting and xerography transfer.

I laid out an area of white extending vertically  with green on the sides

I laid out the areas in blue, also using wide masking tape.  I then added some skins. This one uses acrylic skin transfer as well,  You take dried acrylic from paper pallets and use them to do a transfer like a regular acrylic transfer, only the palette peals right off. After that I did the acrylic xerography transfer.

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