Friday, August 12, 2011

Paintcation, Fit the Fifth

I am on the fifthday of what Julie Torres calls a "paintcation".

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Well, I was feeling a little burned out on painting, so I got stared a little late.  I decided to do a couple of large 36" X 36" drawings.  It's nice working on this scale, as it transitions between working with the wrist, working with the forearm and working with the whole arm. 

Working large in wide pieces of charcoal is great too in that you can work very directly and not overthink things, as you can make and change marks very quickly.

I am now downing a much deserved Corona and relaxing my sore muscles,

The drawings.  They made me think of chapters of Ulysses/The Odyssey:

Don't know quite what to call this.  Looks like I am going into a phase of electric color:

 I wasn't able to do the colors justice in the photo; this is the closest I could get. It's 24"W X18"H.

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