Monday, August 8, 2011

Paintcation, Fit the First

Since there is now a staycation, where one does not leave home, why not a paintcation, a staycation where you take time off from your day job and just paint?  My youngest is off to Hawaii with her mom, so I have nothing to distract me.

I varnished off two paintings I had been working on this weekend, and I got several paintings started today.

 Here you see some paintings I started on Sunday.  All acrylic on canvas, pretty straightforward.
Next, I went down to FedEx/Kinkos with some small paintings and ran of some distorted scans. (By moving them as they were scanned.)

I then started placing pieces onto the canvases using painters tape.

In some cases I pieced a block of several different pieces using painters tape.

 Here you see everything pretty much set up the way I want it,

I then took them outside and marked the positions of the pieces and blocks with chalk or pencil, applied gloss gel or tar gel and positioned them.
Now you see the transfers drying in the sun.

Tomorrow I will remove the paper by moistening it and gently scrubbing it away, and then I will start painting on them again.

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