Thursday, August 11, 2011

Paintcation, Fit the Fourth

I am on the fourth day of what Julie Torres calls a "paintcation".

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So I finished up three of my paintings today, one 30"hX24"w, and two little 9"X12".

I was dissatisfied with the angles of the diagonals in the 30"X24" so here you can see me taping out and painting a slightly adjusted edge on two of them.

I then proceeded to make a few minor adjustments and complete a 45 degree diagonal in the upper left before I signed it:

This one has no transfer whatsoever, but I spent a good while adjusting the different shades of green and the rhythmic lines, with my new Fibonacci brush with the extremely long bristles.

This one has a few bits of colored newspaper transfer from some ads, the color seems to float a little.

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