Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Paintcation, Fit the Second

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Today, I took these paintings, laid them on the deck, and misted them with a garden sprayer.

The story thus far.

Paintings dried in the sun....


...removing some of the paper...


I scrubbed using various soft scrub brushes, tooth brushes and my fingers until I could get the paint off.
Here you can see the setup.

I also did a little work in the sink, too.

Here I used acrylic transfer over a highly rough surface of paint, and earlier transfers of acrylic skin. In this case I scraped with a painting knife to get a highly worried surface.

With as much paper cleaned off as possible, the color will remain rather dull.  

Ready to paint.

I'll take this stage and start to add paint back in again.

I applied a coat of gloss medium and varnish to bring back the color, protect the thin xerox transfer surface by embedding it in an acrylic matrix.

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