Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Paintcation, Fit the Third


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Where we last left off:  here the paintings cleaned of the paper, and an isolation coat of acrylic medium applied:

I reviewed all the pieces, rotating each one in my outdoor "studio", a bower in the garden. I sat and put up each piece and sipped my coffee.
I worked on three pieces.  These are not finished yet, these are just state photos of the way they currently look.

This one, 18"X24", in addition to acrylic underpainting, had arcylic skin transferred onto it.  I do this by saving slick paper pallets with dried paint on them, I then cut out parts and apply acrylic gel and press them onto the canvas. Unlike xerox transfer, the paper just peels off when it is dry.  Over that I did xerox transfers. I then proceeded to tie everything together with acrylic paint. Or tried to.  Still needs some work.

I also worked on two larger pieces, 24" X30". This one I had roughed in the golden-orange areas with painters tape, and did the transfers in the remaining areas. The color is very vivid.

This one was done in somewhat the same way.  However, I used enlarged images, so I was able to get some very large wavy shapes.

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