Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Kitchen Sink

In addition to xeroxing images as I scan them, transferring newspaper, and acrylic skins, and trying to get them settle in and to play nice with painterly effects, I am succumbing to the temptation to bring as many things in as possible.

I have started adding acrylic transfer of laserjet printed fractals, some details of well known formulas, and some, formulas I derived myself.  I'm using Xaos on the Mac for this.  I was surprised at how well these integrate into painterly, "messy" painting.

Here's a few base fractal images as they look when they are printed out:

Here's some images of some recent process images, followed by some more or less finished works.

Lots of fractal and other images, paper, painters tape and canvases.

Here we see laying out a composite
of many different images (10 or 20!),
taped together
on the back and ready to transfer

The one on the left has reached a pretty completed state.
An earlier version had an area of purple fractal that didn't come off,
and I replaced that with the vigorous stripes.

The on on the right is in an earlier state
with paper applied to acrylic gel
and has yet to have the peper removed.

Time to open my present!
Gel is dry, removing paper...
Some recent paintings incorporating fractal images:
Repainted the curve in the upper left a dozen times.
It's so very close to the edge it has incredible tension, and it was very hard to get it right.

Even Though You Listen to the Dark Music

The entire top part was completely redone.
I painted over it with zinc white, so that it would show through more.
Added the bold form at top.
I love it like this.

For some reason, I had to title this

Queen Jane

Something royal and fabulous?

A Lad in His Lamp
(not sure if this one is finished)

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