Saturday, June 23, 2012

State Photos 3

This one is perhaps a floral theme, on a canvas that is 30" on a side, a fairly large size for me.

I chose a discarded blouse to make a transfer, scanned it. Blew these up to various sizes, and xeroxed those images while moving them in a copy machine. It's a square format, which is something I haven't been using; I bought a whole bunch of square canvases recently.
STATE 1. I created a quinachridone background and put some white forms on two sides with some orange ripples. I added cadmium red to the outer areas. This will turn out to be the final orientation. The colors are glorious in a lurid sort of way, but too easy. I like but distrust them, I will now make problems for myself.
STATE 2. Acrylic transfer. I experimented with putting a layer of matte gel on the paper before applying white paint. I wanted some of the white areas to hide the paint underneath, in some areas I wanted to keep it transparent. I also wanted the paint to grip the toner better when I removed the paper. The matte gell seemed to help suppress the worried look.

Right now, I'm working with this orientation.

(note that I don't always put a layer of paint on, sometimes I want the paint underneath to show through the blank areas of the transfer)

STATE 3.  I go over all the dark lines with black, modify some areas, and do a lot of overpainting.  It's starting to get a pretty finished look, and I work to exhaustion and miss lunch, because it is getting clerer and clearer to me and I can't stop.  I think of the lurid, sexy and sort of over the top hot pinks and reds, and free-associate with the Runaway's Cherry Bomb.  I think it needs a final touch, to balance the composition and I actually add a cherry shape (small circle in the uppor right quadrant).

I then think about it for a coule of days and  reach the realization that that last addition, with a heavy black circle in it DOES balance the composition.  But it also STOPS the eye dead in its tracks!

STATE 4. I sand out the offending shape and replace it with a deeper red leaving a faint trace of it, and do a lot of adjusting for the completed painting.

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