Sunday, August 11, 2013

Some Recent Paintings: Don't Stop Believing

All images copyright 2013 Ed Smiley.
On canvas unless noted otherwise.

A recurring theme of today's post is "finishing" a painting, varnishing and putting it away.
All with a vague sensation is that something is not right.  

It's a pain, but if you use a removable varnish you can use mineral spirits or paint thinner to remove it (being careful to scrub down and make sure none of the spirits are left, so you have an acrylic surface your paints can adhere to). I usually wash then down with dish soap and water and sand them.

So there's a lot of brand new work here, with experiments with the new Liquitex acrylic sprays, but a lot of the paintings are new states of older paintings, that hopefully lack that earlier sense of unease. 

I reworked this one extensively.
I had to remove the varnish and start over.
Originally it had too many horizontals
and verticals.

I was inspired by the cast shadows of leaves falling on the painting as
it was drying in the sun.

Acrylic and acrylic transfer.
30"h X 24" w

This is acrylic and acrylic transfer.
I used the Liquitex acrylic sprays in a lot of this painting.
I used a large painting knife as a mask.
20" h X 24" w

I am pretty happy with this one.
I wanted to keep the upper right pretty empty,
so I had to decide exactly how much of an accent that arc
on the right would be.

Acrylic and acrylic transfer.
20"h X 24"w

Used a little bit of acrylic spray paint here.
Also used a squeegee.

Acrylic and acrylic transfer.
24"h X 20"w

There's a bit of gold color background in this.
Acrylic and acrylic transfer
20"h X 24"w

I really like this one a lot.
Not sure why.

Acrylic and acrylic transfer.
30"h X 24" w

A very small piece on Ampersand Pastelbord.

Used pastel and acrylic paint.
I used the trick of using clear Liquitex acrylic spray
over the pastel so I could paint over it.

Small 4" X 4" Ampersand panel

This one was slightly reworked form an earlier state.
I discovered I liked this orientation better!
(It was originally horizontal.)

acrylic and acrylic transfer
20" w X 24" h

This one has a title.

"Monster You"
acrylic and acrylic transfer
20"h X 24"w
The basic structure was pretty well defined, but
I kept finding I was still not satisfied, and
had to rework it over many additional painting sessions.

"Harlequin Party at the Galactic Core"
acrylic and acrylic transfer
30"h X 24"w

This was a black and white painting that I did about a year ago,
and it never entirely worked.

I scrubbed off all the varnish and sanded it an reworked it with many new layers,
ended up putting so many things in to it I finally had to stop
because I was reaching the point of diminishing return,
and I honestly could no longer feel I would make it any better.

I can spot quibbles, but I think it is a very strong (and pretty funny) painting.

Here's an older state of this painting, when I "finished" it a year ago.

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